Man Power


Our approach is strait forward and always puts your safety as the number one priority. Our management services include, but are limited to: aircraft operations, aviation department budget and leadership, market analysis, flight crew hiring, training, and placement, aircraft fractional partnership, and small aircraft fleet management.

"Human Factors In Aviation" is and shall most likely remain to be one of the most critical issues of today's aviation industry.
Advancing technology, ever-increasing competition in the market, tougher aviation rules and regulations, union power, increasing variety of types/brands, dynamic structure of the market, low season/peak season, aviation safety, certification/authorization/traning requirements, budget restrictions, etc. are only the few of a whole list of issues making the "Human Factors" more difficult to handle.
"Human Factors" is a crucial issue in need of solution for the operators willing to divert their main energy to other major aspects of the aviation industry, like competability, growth/development, customer satisfaction, etc.
Prima considers "Outsourcing" as the only effective solution to beat this problem.
Let Prima handle your MRO needs, per your procedures, as well as your company's culture.